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Providing Mental Health Treatment 
in your own practice

Do not be left behind.  Enhance your practice by

adding Mental Health Treatment

to the services you already provide to your patients.

Mental Health Treatment in your practice

Complete Patient Serivces

Allow your patients to have a safe space, in your own practice to have mental health treatment

Enhancing you practice to the next level

The trend in medical practices is to offer in house mental health treatment.

Increase patient satisfaction

Save money by having Ratia Revolution provide treatment, while increasing patient satisfaction

Collaborating with Ratia Revolution 

Collaborating with Ratia Revolution will enhance and help modernize your practice.  Your practice can save on hiring new staff, training them, and the reduction of space that is needed to provide treatment.  Our team will schedule, bill, treat patients with mental illness, such as, depression, anxiety, life satisfaction and many more other mental health illnesses.  We will come into your existing practice, treat patients and then our therapists will leave.  This will relieve the burden of our existing staff and enhancing employee work satisfaction, by know that your current patients have another resource. Please contact us to in order for us to create individualized services that would enhance your practice.         

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